System Associate Message

Greetings to All Respected Ones

To be Surely Lucky as the individual Of the Bright and Shining Community

“FSCS Sir Rasheed Campus Mandi Madrissa”

Here The members of FSCS “Sir Rasheed Campus” ensure High quality Education which Initiate Empower and Motivates Our Future Starts to be More Productive Members of this Society

As the Perfect Highlights Shown in previous years Our Way to Bright them more and more For Future

Team FSCS make them Look forward To high and Ensure to the Successful

By the Help of Team FSCS our System is progressing well by leaps And Bounds… Parents Play a vital role in the education of their children and to be the active participants in our School life

So here we can work together in the interests of Everyone

I am eager to work with our parent community in supporting their children in their education ….

We understand how challenging and important it is for us and you to polish the New blossoming Flower for the harsh Conditions..

So our Wel managing Staff and and the members are doing very Deeply Strong work for the best Future of Our Youth and Country too 🇵🇰..

I welcome you all to an outstanding learning Community “FSCS Sir Rasheed Campus Mandi Madrassa” where everyone is dedicated to work with Courage and Honour…

We are very Sure that will help of all stakeholders and with their continuous Super Support…

We will be able to take the our School “FSCS   Sir Rasheed Campus Mandi Madrassa “ to the next highest level of Excellence.

Muhammad Abid Rasheed